Drying, our main area of expertise
Drying, our main area of expertise

International expert and leader in heat transmission, hydromechanics and design of custom-made equipment and installation design

Other equipment

Our other liquid processing equipment


Thanks to our know-how, we can advise you on the most appropriate solution to prepare your product before it is processed.

Liquid and paste preparations

With more than 20 years of experience in the aromatic and cosmetic industry, Techni-Process has developed a real competence in the design and dimensioning of liquid and pasty mixture units.


Specific needs or studies? Techni-Process can help you to design the equipment that best meets your needs.

Special pharmaceutical or fine chemical machines

Our experience in the aromatic industries and the rigorous management of files throughout the projects represent one of our assets to meet the requirements of large pharmaceutical groups and fine chemistry.


For each pilot or industrial spray drying tower, we can adapt an in-place cleaning system to clean the inside of the drying chamber as well as the utilities. This system will allow you to save considerable time between each production and work in optimal hygienic conditions.

Cleaning In Place (CIP)

The large number and diversity of batches to be treated in the aromatic, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries is a fundamental parameter to be taken into account from the conception of the facilities. Cleaning In Place must be taken into account from the design of the equipment in order to optimize the cleaning cycle times while ensuring cross-contamination of the products.

Medium pressure spray pilot

The medium pressure spraying pilot designed by Techni-Process allows you to adjust the process parameters to obtain the desired spray according to the sprayed solution and the nozzle used.


Vibro-fluidizer of 1m²